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Friday, December 18, 2015

Coke and Mustard Marinade

Coke and Mustard Marinade

Very Easy Recipe

Prep Time: none
Cook Time: 45 min - several hours

This recipe is very delicious when used on a ham in a slow cooker or crock-pot, but has been successfully used on poultry and beef as well.

1-3 Tbl Mustard 
2-3 cans of Coke

Seriously, that's all!

Step 1:
Slather your selected cut of meat with mustard. Any mustard you like can be used. For example, instead of yellow mustard, cajun spicy mustard or dijon mustard can be employed. Most hams and beef roasts take 1-2 Tbl of mustard to cover, but a whole turkey can take up to 5 Tbl.

Step 2:
Pour in the first can of coke and set the meat to cook on high heat for several hours. The sugar in 
the coke will balance out the mustard flavor nicely, the acid content helps to tenderize the meat.

Check the meat repeatedly to make sure that the liquid still covers 3/4 of the meat. When the liquid level drops, pour in another coke. 

The meat is done when it starts to fall apart. 

Don't be alarmed by the dark color of the outside, the coke has changed its color. When you pull the meat apart the inside will be a beautiful pink. 

Just wait until you taste it!

If you are doing a turkey, or other meat cut that doesn't fit into a slow cooker you can use the oven and foil method. 

Smother with mustard, set in the baking tray, pour the coke in and cover with foil. Repeatedly baste 
with the coke mixture in the bottom of the pan. Only 1 can of coke is needed for this method.

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